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VentureBlog: Visa USA announced this morning that, for the first time, its annual sales volume exceeded $1 trillion. The record usage means that an average of $32,000 went through the Visa system every second of every day over the 12-month... [Read More]

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A trillion here, a trillion there... pretty soon you're talking about real money:

Visa USA announced this morning that, for the first time, its annual sales volume excee
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Todd Bass

By my reckoning, Visa's figures don't add up. America's annual GDP is just over $10 trillion. If Visa's annual transaction volume is $1 trillion and that represents 12% of consumer spending, then total consumer spending would have to be close to the size of the entire economy. But, IIRC, consumer spending (consumption) only accounts for something like two-thirds of the economy.

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From that assumption, I put the hatch at roughly two feet wide. Depending on how the interior is laid out, it looks like it would be sufficiently large to carry seven people on a short duration trip.

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