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Eli Chapman

I believe Google has already evolved past navigation and is becoming a media and entertainment destination. By making search so easy and satisfying Google is eating away at the time people spend with traditional media and entertainment. News.Google.Com is only a taste of what Google will someday soon be able to do.

By providing users with software and/or interfaces that make it easier and easier to navigate through information, Google, like Nielsen Media Research, can track how users interact with the information. Acquiring Pyra/Blogger allows Google to track more than just how users browse the web, it allows them to track 1) the user's preferences and 2) the user's thoughts. By acquiring Applied Semantics, Google now has an additional method by which to interpret context and annotations.

Google suddenly knows what I want and why I want it. And that's entertainment.

Buzz Bruggeman

I heard Bob Metcalfe once say that using Google adds 100 points to your IQ.


Google should buy Kazaa next. :)

john ludwig

Hmm. I go back to google everyday not because they are a great navigation site, but because they do search incredibly well. I don't think they want to get distracted from that. It is all about finding relevant info for each user, as fast as possible. Navigation pages and UIs don't help me do that -- smarter search is what I want. And there is so much yet to do here, if Google takes their eyes off the ball, someone else will eat their lunch (certainly Microsoft has the ambition to do so).


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