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I was thinking about this same thing just yesterday...I walked into the restroom here at work with my cellphone headset on as I was calling my wife. As I entered the door, my wife answered the phone on the other end. At the same time, just as I was walking in the door, I noticed an aquaintance from work washing his hands as I made way to the...[ahem]...facility. I said "Hi" to my wife and the guy at the sink thought I was saying hi to him. He responded with an enthusiastic "Hey Pedraum, how are you! Hey, great show the other night (I play guitar). Sorry I couldn't stay the whole time" and on it went.

Afterwards I asked myself why this guy from work, whom I don't know all that well at all, and who, hitherto, had aknowledged me with nothing much more than a head nod, suddenly became so animated in his interaction with me. I've decided that it was becuase of the way I greeted him (though I was actually greeting my wife). Put simply, I greeted him lovingly because, in fact, I was greeting my wife. And his response reflected that.

As a side note, I felt bad that this guy had thought I was saying hi to him and I continued to engage him, leaving my wife hanging on the other end of the phone trying to decipher what situation would find me calling her only to talk to someone else in the room. She had a good laugh after I explained what had happened.


Took an "effective presentations" class a week ago with a group of colleagues. When it came time for each to present, about half chose personal topics (e.g. teamwork and basketball) and half chose to practice communicating challenging messages to their team. Without exception, the former group was upbeat and outgoing, while the latter group was monotone and exhibited defensive body language. Makes for sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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