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In 1980 I was working for a high tech marketing consultancy in Richmond, just south of London, England. National Semiconductor was a client who had a new product - a voice chip that they wanted to launch into the European marketplace.

In order to give us something to demonstrate, they sent us ........a coffee pot......that said.....would you like some tea?

It's worth noting that this was 23 years ago.


"throwaway"? I hadn't thought that far yet (my kids have been the joyful recipients of McProcessors), but it suddenly occurred to me what this means for our landfills. We have restrictions on throwing out traditional computers... but that is getting off-topic.

Chris Woodruff

I have about 30-40 of these things all around the house. My son loves them. My second thought on this was if they could create a simple device like a Palm that could be "sensed" when kids brought it back in the store. The device could be a good way to keep kids coming back. Using RFID in a reverse way and having a way to track kid's habits across stores. They then could register the device on a web site and store points. Could be a big thing in the future.


Wow, I really did throw it away and didn't even think twice.


How about the operating system for all these devices? Probably Japan's Tron, which is now estimated to be in 4 billion devices around the world. MS Windows is only running on 150 million machines.

nice piece today on the creator of Tron and his views on Microsoft:


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