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Marc H. Nathan

David is once again exactly right when it comes to VC's insight into consumer/retail deals. Professional investors as a group are the last people on earth that should be making decisions based on what the mass market will buy. Simply put, we tend to fall into the "risk tolerant, early adopter, strongly independent" groups, and make it a personal point not to follow the crowd. This is unlike the other 99% of the consumers our companies are selling to, who really couldn't care less about voting with their dollars. Sometimes more people will pay US$8 to see a bad movie when they won't pay the same to see a good movie, but I couldn't knowingly put my name or my money on the bad one. P.S. On Last Comic Standing, Ralphie May (the fat one) opened for Jay Mohr in Vegas last year at the Paris Hotel. He's a good contestant on the show but I've seen his act twice, and was very disappointed - so my taste in comics must be pretty bad also.

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