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Con Tendem

Now that you have uncovered their weakness I am sure some provincial government will implement a measure for manadatory haircuts on a rotating 10% of the population. They might be kind and restrict it only to the male half. :)

Actually, since most Armies in the world require shaved heads for non-officers would not that be a huge source of essentially free hair? Chinese still have conscription, I believe which should give them millions and millions of heads to shear. Same goes for India and Russia, but even in US there have got to be a couple of hundred thousand new recruits each year?

Semi-unrelatedly. Hair has always been big business. Let's not forget that from late 17th to 19th centuries everyone higher than a worker/peasant wore wigs. I recall even a book plot where a Dutch officer comes to Russia with a get-rich-quick scheme of buying high-quality hair and selling it to the West.


I dont know if this is a good example for the point you are trying to make. The $45 paid for the human hair is not that much compared with the final price $1500-$3000 of the finished product. It is the labor(clean, process, weave etc) that increases value. I would think China would be an ideal place to do that.

Any place with low labor cost should be able to compete. I dont know why China is particularly good for that, maybe because of its own market?

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