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Perhaps not "coming to the big screen" - but a great set of shorts (as in films), started in 2001 and built entirely around a product to promote:

(And they're actually pretty good!)


BMW films is an excellent example of the kind of immersive advertising that is possible on the web. Another great example is Buick's Tiger Trap promotion. In that promotion -- -- Tiger Woods went to a few random golf courses and played against unsuspecting local golfers for the new Buick SUV. When the winners were actually given the keys to a new car their reaction was, not surprisingly, overwhelmingly positive. Teasers of the video were run on TV but the only way to see the full video was to go online. This had two advantages. It was possible to run a longer video segment at lower cost and it was incredibly viral -- people quickly emailed all their friends to check it out. It was a fantastic advertisement for Buick and was very much powered by the economics of the Web.


The biggest challenge for the unconventional nature of sponsored product placement is proof that consumers are actually paying attention to the product that are integrated into the content.

To date, I haven't seen much research in this area where advertisers and agencies have looked into measuring the performance and ROI for product placements in the body of reality tv shows as well as online gaming.

I am pretty sure that there is a good impact (awareness, differentiation, purchase intent, and knowledge), especially for lean forward mediums such as online gaming. Looks like a good area to do some research in.


The children's movies like Hot Wheels and Bionicle are really another form of tie-in to an existing toy line, like branded clothing or books. While there's an element of cross-promotion these movies are standalone and (presumably) profitable products, unlike bmwfilms and the like.

The interesting thing here is that video production and DVD manufacturing is now so cheap that it's possible to produce a full-length movie as an accessory to a child's toy.


What models were discarded that might work? It seems like most of the models that were discarded worked that way because they were crappy.

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I used to love those old style advertisements where they would just blatantly advertise the product. Of course, it was about as cheesy as you could be.

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