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Stewart Butterfield

Don't forget about the workspaces! Groove and Sharepoint are already out there, along with many general and niche collaboration products out (with a ton more in development). More generally, enterprise IM is on its way to 100% penetration and I think we will see a lot more interesting real time stuff soon.

Scott Johnson / Feedster

Social software will definitely make it into the enterprise. A key barrier right now is privacy management and context. Its the old "Wines versus Chains" issue. You don't mind any one knowing that you're in the wine club but you only want a few people to know you're in the chains club. Before we want businesses to have our foaf urls, we need to manage that context issue.

But it will happen.

Tom Caroll

With Spoke having more than a handful of paying F500 customers and a central webservice growing to over 6M relationships in a few months- there is clearly an opportunity. Business is all about relationships..

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