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Tubby Bartles

Everybody's busy trying to control it, though. If you put together your own package like Naval did, you can have everything you want but you need to be an expert.

If you use Microsoft's Media Center or Tivo or any number of other convergence devices, they all work very hard to limit what you can do in the name of DRM. That makes it less interesting than boxes already out there.

I'm waiting for the Red Hat of the MythTV/FreeVo world (free versions of Tivo-like functionality that sit on Linux) -- somebody that will cheap, mass produced, media PC's already configured to do everything.


MythTV is proving to be (yet) another opensource project worth watching. In particular one interesting offshoot project I've paid attention to is MiniMyth --

The elimination of the mass storage and fans in the lightweight front ends are really compelling. It seems the mini-itx formfactor is going to help appliances make it from the hard core hobbyist to the mainstream. Two vendors have come to market with the packaged platform:

Hush Technologies -

and -

Couple this with suitable VOIP software like:

Asterisk -

and handset for the thin clients, and two of the biggest purchases in the lodging industry that generate high margins just got a lot less expensive to acquire and operate.

Throw in some wireless and you're able to retrofit without construction.

1 year to market? 6 months to trial?

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