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Derek W

Hmmm. First it was DNS problems, and now its a spell checker gone mad. Seems like a number of "they"s, a "that" or two, and other words have been scrunched into "the"s.

Like: "The said nothing about bluetooth."

Otherwise; welcome back from vacation & looking forward to another "insightful" year.

David Hornik

Ok. Fair enough. I have gone back and fixed the typos. Never again. I swear.

Marc H. Nathan

I'm glad I missed the Bluetooth Brigade, but I think that they would have ticked me off just as much as the Samsung "Charlie's Angels/She Spies Fight Scene" floor show or the Canon "Chinese Circus Plate Spinning Girl". I come to the show for two reasons: 1) to be blown away by the innovative gadgets and 2) to take home good schwag. Both of these didn't really happen this year, but at least the companies were making good on some of their promises of open standard ubiquity. I'll bet we see even more PVR's and Remote Media Controllers next year (and hopefully more booth babes too).


I'm glad someone finally called bullshit on Bluetooth. Last year I went thru a bluetooth phase and started using a Bluetooth headset on my mobile phone. After several weeks of use I decided that although it looked damn impressive � Bluetooth just wasn't worth it.

Derek W

Personally, power management is already an issue for me for all the gadgets I have. The benefit of hooking my cell phone up to my laptop with a wire is that not only do I not waste any power on transmission of data between them (when doing cell-internet), but that the cell phone can also get a charge at the same time. Having bluetooth for data, but I still have to carry a power dongle would not be any improvement.

Actually, I'm kind of a wireless luddite. I ran Cat5e in my house so I have 100bT in every room. Now if I could only get power in the same plug ...

Alessandro Isolani

I was never a huge fan of BT, but this one device changed my mind:

I wouldn't buy a non BT phone now that I have this headset. Simply amazing in ease of use, quality, comfort, and size. The only problem is that it is so small and light that they are easy to loose. And expensive to replace.

Hard to justify an entire technology with one device, but this thing comes close. I don't think you could make it this small with RF and maintain battery life and range.

But every other BT headset has been a frustration, and it does feel like one of those transitional standards that will be quickly forgotten.



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