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Mike Masnick

A related story to the guy pitching you a business and then getting drunk...

When I was first starting my company I was searching for an accountant. I talked to a number of friends at companies and had them recommend the accounting firms their startups used and then started calling.

I spoke to one for a while, and he seemed like a very smart guy and answered all my questions the way I expected. Then, as we're talking, he suddenly burst out laughing. I didn't ask for an explanation, but he said he just saw something funny in an email, and asked for my email address so he could forward it. I gave it to him, and he immediately forwarded a pornographic picture.

It was actually fairly amusing, and I have nothing against those who want to surf porn, but all I could think was that this guy doesn't know me at all, and I'm looking for an accountant. The one thing I definitely want in an accountant is someone who knows how to be conservative. You don't want your accountant taking risks.

However, for him to forward porn to someone he didn't know at all seemed like fairly risky behavior. Needless to say, I went with a different accountant.



I don't know about you, but the Rule Against Perpetuities comes up all the time in e-commerce contracts.

Seriously, how much do you REALLY think our JD's help us? More than any other 3 years of study or work, that is. I have my doubts about the method and efficacy of law school for LAW, let alone anything else.


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