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Jo Schmo

a portfolio of shit, then, screws time *and* the future. literally!

berry interesting.

Ole Eichhorn

I'm glad you hear you're having trouble juggling your calendar between existing investments and prospective new investments.

I'm the CTO of a startup, and I have a similar problem; juggling my time between existing customers and prospective new customers, and between existing products and prospective new products.

I actually think time management is a critical part of productivity. If you focus your attention on the right things, you can get so much more done than focusing your attention on the wrong things. Which means setting priorities is important.

Give VC's love of metrics, I wonder that you haven't developed an "ROT", return on time spent :)

Don Delillo

Why include your failures? Let what's not or will never happen goooooo - serve Right Now- how else can the future happen? Accept the loss and move on. Quick.


Check out David Allen's ideas on "time management" at, you might find something helpful there or in his book.


Liked Allen's book, just can't use it. I know where best to invest my time - it's my partners that are clueless - keep working this dead money because "you enthusiastically brought these deals to us and we invested."


I don't think this was winy at all. Find you on a different day when you scored what you think will be a good win. The blog would be totally different.



Up at 4am? I'd love to hear more about your typical day and the kinds of hours you work!


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