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Ross Mayfield

Good, I got my point across

Stewart Butterfield

This makes me less sorry that I turned back at Burlingame since I was already late and the 101 was clogged.

The fact that CTRl-F "bubble" on your post comes back with nothing suggests that at least some things have changed :)


Good. Makes me glad I choose to sit by the pool in LA instead of attend. Funny though listening to the media execs on their cell phones. Sounds similar. "Hey buddie blah blah blah blah lets do lunch blah blah blah blah blah I saw blah blah blah blah Brad Pitt blah blah blah blah George Clooney blah blah blah blah lets chat blah blah blah blah I'll get back to you blah blah blah blah Rushmore meets ET blah blah blah blah The DeerHunter meets Babmi blah blah blah blah Sweeps month blah blah blah blah just got a new Ferarri blah blah blah blah check out the rack on that blah blah blah blah the internet is so yesterday blah blah blah blah."

Marc Canter

I'm sorry - how often does an entrepid entrprenuer challenge Kleiner, Perkins to do something right?

How often does someone demand of the holey KP to support FOAF?

I did not see the FOAF meme enough times.


How often are Teletubiies and Mary Poppins brought into context? And where's the family oriented YASNS?

You telling me VCs can't grok that social networking will be gobbled up y families? Come on now - just because you don't have Andrew A to talk to anymore - doesn't mean you forgot about FOAF!


Wow this blog USED to be interesting, informative and insightfull. But it has surely gone downhill.

It's common knowledge that the majority of cofrences were a waste of time and provide very little insight. Maybe you VC types should spend more time doing REAL work in the office then jet setting around to find the nation's best golf spots.


it's late saturday night, just got home from what will probably become an unproductive 7 days on the road. tired & hungry bones compell me to the bed fully clothed & with shoes. but I can't sleep for the dread of "catching up" on email , and i confess i'm curious to see what's entertaining from the nearly 400 newsfeeds to which I subscribe. so while my parser goes to work i grab a 2 liter out the fridge & nurse the diet coke straight from the bottle (too tired for the pretensions of a glass). i'm gulping now, the air travel must have dehydrated me i can't remember being so thirsty; thinking how good the word "refreshment" sounds when suddenly out of the corner of my eye i spot a new post from venture blog david . subject: "social networking panels are all the same." i'm intrigued and begin immediately with the summary (while drinking more fluid)..i don't make it to link that brings you to the full text, & am only halfway thru the summary when WHAM!!! i just lose it!!! like slapstick TV. liquid it's everywhere. on my screen, on the keyboard, between the keys, on my chin. i'm laughing so hard, and compuslively re-reding ""Welcome blah blah blah relationship capital blah blah blah social contracts blah blah"" what am i deranged? i'm up for at least another 30 minutes with this cleanup and since i'm sticky i'll have to shower before hitting the sack. exhaustion. shaking my head & giggling alone wiping off the LCD. thx alot david charles dickens, guess i can sleep tomorrow. f**K it is tomorrow - now that i'm up i'm feeling hungry, thinking turkey pot pie, maybe download some porn. paradise.

least i found something funny.

"blah blah killer app blah blah blah business model blah blah advertising model blah blah blah.."

this might have me for days.


I gave up on conf. long ago. I AM however going to the Scaled x-prise launch on Monday. Promises to be free of hype, and full of rocket fuel.


Indiscriminately showing your mug @ all industry events only seems like a shameless act of self-promotion; there really is value in the effort. Over time people begin to think of you not as an imposter but as linked in, part of the tribe. Ryze up, optimize your network, scale your contacts killing time at a conference.


I find it interesting that the VCs who so highly valued Friendster and Plaxo fired both their CEO's - while the CEO's were busy across message boards assuring us that their massive databases of cross referenced information (a marketer's dream!) would NEVER be sold, axe goes the CEO (by the VCs because they weren't generating revenue fast enough). Ryze is profitable, but not a huge profit. LinkedIn, who would pay for that? It will degrade its value once a fee is imposed.

Steven Livingstone

It does amaze me the lack of imagination in the Social Networking arena. I started developing the idea of such software back in 1999 and and last year stopped. I realised that Orkut, Ryze, Zero Dergrees et al et al are all nice, but only the very basics of what social networking can entail.

I think most people seem to be missing the point, but reading smart mobs recently (i wish i had more time to read!) made me realize my new chosen path was the right one.

My new work will hopefully take things a step further.

In saying that, us across the Atlantic (in Scotland in my case) wouldn't mind listen to your panel as we don't often get access to these people... even if we can't get access to your money ;)

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