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Chris Bechtel

Hey David -

I found this article you wrote back in July on the power of personal publishing as exhibited by Bloggers at the DNC. This is, of course, a fascinating phenomena - but one that large enterprises (and most marketing and PR departments) still seem to be grappling with. Would you agree? Corporate websites should be dynamic communications vehicles where business users (not IT) have the power to create, manage and distribute their messages (just as Bloggers do). But today, it seems that there are still 3-10 person departments who still depend on an IT guy (or gal) to upload a press release to their website or make other changes. It's a changing paradigm (online news distribution) - and many are slow to react. The companies that are (using marketing and PR web content management) see value in reducing administrative time and cost which in turn facilitates more time spent creating compelling messages and generating results. Increasingly people get their information on a business or product from the Internet - as a result it's more critical than ever that a company's web presence stay in synch

with their latest messages. The time has come. The days of the webmaster are numbered.

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