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And wait until you meet Nob and the rest of the Japanese team! Talk about dedicated, persistent, smart...

Jason Davis

Just to let you know, I use typepad to power my blog and I love it.



Selling to large corporations will be difficult. Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM's Lotus Domino/Workplace(websphere) already have most of the market - switching I believe will be difficult.

Consumers would rather use the free tools available. Witness the issues that Arsdigita had - switching their platform to J2EE and then going bankrupt.

Steve Shu

Congrats on the investment! As I wrote here, I think the blogging area is fertile ground for investments:

And my hats off to anyone who can make blogging easier ... I have two engineering degrees and this stuff is still not so easy for me to use ... ;)

Steve Shu

Managing Director

S4 Management Group



Business Blog:


Thanks for your trust & your kind words, David.

John Bartram

"I am wildly enthusiastic about all of the businesses in which I have invested -- that's why I invested in them."

Hmmm. Being an enthusiast myself and often getting criticised for it - as being unprofessional - this is good to know :)

Maybe enthusiasm for an investment is what differentiates a good venture capitalist from other financier-types.

Brian Despain

Ok that's nice plug for the company, but it really didn't offer anything I wasn't already familar so why the plug? Seeking another round? Bucking up their spirits? what?


I don't understand why you are investing in this company. I don't see the logic of it.

There are a lot of companies which sell 2-3 software or web products, many of them more complex than this company.

Where is the huge potential?

OSS guys will just clone their web software and release it for free. And so the Movable Type guys will only make money for peanuts.

This is a strange paradox of the US economy, even after the dot-com bust. Companies with little potential don't get more clients, but they get VCs to invest in them. Strange.

This is not a flame. I really wish I knew why you invested - what potential you see in this company.

Nik Cubrilovic

I agree, I dont get it either. The majority of the market is for free and simple weblogs that are a value-add bonus with other software, for eg. MSN spaces. Software like Typepad will only ever serve a niche, and Movable Type was quickly overtaken by much simpler, easy to install and extensible software such as Wordpress (many more PHP hackers than Perl hackers). So they have another $10M now, and they use it to buy LJ?

I dont see any signs of a clear strategy, just the aquisition of a large customer base, and some new services such as Typekey (which does not answer the problems MS had with Passport) and a massive licensing bungle.

I could point out many, many great and small software companies who need just a bit of a financial boost and some business advice to become world-class and category killers.


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