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Claiborne Booker

Mr Hornik --

The Bluetooth/A6 combination is indeed attractive, but I should like to suggest that you also look at the new Acura RL, which also integrates Bluetooth and has an XM Satellite Radio-linked navigation system that can provide real time traffic updates. This could be very useful for the Bay Area (remembering your Calendar Calisthenics and its hilarious Redux).

I have been very happy with my Acura TSX and can attest to the high quality of fit and finish in the cars. Cheaper and more reliable than Audi, with few - if any - compromises.

Thanks again for your insights.

Mark Carlson

David, be a real man and buy a Chrysler 300c. The uConnect bluetooth option works perfectly. And it comes with a 340hp Hemi.


The one and only BT device I've owned that has never given me grief is my bluespoon wireless headset. Small as a thimble, extremely comfortable, and 100% reliable. I know when I hit the button that it will transfer the call quickly and reliably. The half-dozen other BT items have all migrated to the trash bin: headsets, keyboards, GPS's, all JUNK! I'm using one of those fancy Logitech DiNovo keyboards and the BT is a huge hassle. Can't throw it away since it cost over $200 :(

Check it out:

A bit steep, but still light-years ahead of the rest. Other than this headset, I've found BT falls short in reliability and is a pain to set up. So if your prediction was wrong, it is because the world is a stupid place.



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