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Hey David,

I agree with your comments about Corporate blogging but do you think that corporate bloggers can speak freely about the company in a blog, specially after cases like firing of Mark Jen from google. Google is perceived as a company with very open culture, if they could not handle it, how do you think really big bureaucratic organizations will.



You speak about encouraging corporate bloggers to speak their minds? Is that what companies really want, if corporate blogging is intended as a marketing tool? Surely what management wants is for bloggers to write about good stuff happening in the company, with occasional remarks about what's bad - the latter being tolerated purely because they give an impression of candor. Truth is seldom valued by companies, other than the "truth" that they would have customers believe. - Phipsi


The reality is, by the time employees are blogging about bad things going on within the company, customers already know about it in one way or another. Silencing negative blog posts that are pointing out problems is the equivalent of sweeping problems under the rug. If you have to really fear what employees write (such that they're not going to primarily write positively), it implies there's something broken with the company and culture.

Having an open blogging policy creates a line in the sand, where companies can't hide from problems for long; it forces them to deal with reality, sooner than later. Good companies will use it to become better.

Plus, they're going to blog anyway. It's either going to be anonymous & shady, which casts a really bad light on the company, or it can be out in the open and used in a positive fashion.


I like the notion of a company having an open policy for employee blogging. While I agree that corporate blogs will always contain content intended to benefit the company, that does not necessarily mean every bit of information will be positive. The more effective blogs will establish credibility via candor -- thereby differentiating themselves from standard marketing spin. This will achieve the type of customer relationship building that companies are trying to achieve via blogs in the first place. One other observation -- the HP blogs do not appear to allow for public comments. If this is the case, the customer relationship building and communication is a bit one-sided.


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Interesting development at HP but hardly a novelty among major tech players - Microsoft has been on the ball for a while (see: and SunW as well (see: Also, the debate about corporate blogs was laid out elegantly in The Economist Magazine (Feb 10th, 2005) - "Chief humanising officer" (see: - need subscription to view article).

IanHarkins have an interview 003 I believe, with Ingrid Van Den Hoogen of Sun Microsystems. She talks extensively about employee blogging and Sun's very open (and what seems like a very sensible) policy on it, where they trust their employees and that trust has not been betrayed.

IanHarkins have an interview 003 I believe, with Ingrid Van Den Hoogen of Sun Microsystems. She talks extensively about employee blogging and Sun's very open (and what seems like a very sensible) policy on it, where they trust their employees and that trust has not been betrayed.

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