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Shannon Clark


I'm an entrepreneur and conference organizer. I'd like to invite you to add MeshForum ( to your list of conferences to attend. Our next conference will be May 2006.

MeshForum is a conference on Networks - last year we had physicists studying biological networks, economists, professors of communication, entrepreneurs, social scientists, experts from FEMA and the Department of Defence, and many others sharing their perspectives on the study of networks and learning from each other.

Next year we'll again bring together academics, business and government leaders with a wide ranging focus likely to include Social Networks, economics, telecommunications, biological networks and much more.

I hope you can join us in Chicago. (at this year's MeshForum attendees included Buzz Bruggeman, Esther Dyson, Noshir Contractor, and many others).

My entrepreneurial activities, not too surprisingly, also include an element of Network science. Besides my consulting and existing software business, JigZaw ( I am currently working on technology to depict and analyze the economic activity of a firm (or multiple firms as in an M&A scenario) in terms of networks. I'd be happy to discuss it further with you if you are interested.



Auren Hoffman

Dave -- you're also one of the hardest working VCs in the valley. i do not believe that any VC hustles more than David Hornik. it is a testament to your hard work and your love of technology that you attend so many conferences.

Tino Buntic

Under The Radar sounds really fun and interesting. I'd love to see that. That is a great concept for the next business reality show (hosted by David, maybe)

Donovan Phillips

Serious Question: Are there any VCs out there for "adult" oriented projects? I'd love to know.

joshua estrin


I must say i agree with you and although it is sometimes very times consuming you make a very important point

but I will continue to spend a bunch of time getting to know interesting people and learning new stuff

The above is proof that you understand the importance of building a network to keep you business SMART and HEALTHY.

New ideas and new people are the only truly feasible way to be at the top of your game!


Joshua Estrin


Is this blog defunct now? Is it shut down?

No posts since June 30???? Wow.

If in five weeks you haven't got anything--ANYTHING--useful to say on technology, entrepreneurship or VC, well: maybe you need another line of work (or another kind of blog).

I am unsubscribing you clowns. Cya.

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