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Eric Olson

I agree, it really has a lot to do with the team, especially in early stage investments but even in public companies. The best idea with a bad team or a team that doesn't get along will not work.

An investment that I, along with my team, recommended to the Bentley Investment Group (BIG) back in college called LifeCell (nasdaq: LIFC) had a great product and even better ones in the pipeline but it was the team that really brought out the best in the company and caused the extrodinary returns for investors. I had the opportunity to meet the management team during an internship I held in the summer of 2003 (pre-investment) and after meeting them I knew this was a company BIG needed in its portfolio.

Ravi Kalidindi


Interesting.., as an early stage Entrepreneur, I am having similar experiences but from the other end of the table.

When I am juggling through good ideas to approach suitable VCs, I hold on to two good ideas.

The first one is to reach investors through Pod casting (your idea) or web casting and the second one is through blogging. I still wish there was a better communication mechanism/product to reach the right VCs so that both sides will be benefited from it.

Ravi Kalidindi



David -

you may be short & fat, but you are one of the more enjoyable VCs to hang out with :)

any entrepreneur who has your ear (or time) should be thrilled to get your insights... not to mention your potty humor.

- dave 'short & fat & getting moreso' mcclure

Nike Shox Deliver

You have to believe in yourself. That is the secret of success. We should insist on no matter what we meet. Have a good mood every day.

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