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Wil Schroter

The beauty of blogging is the authenticity of the material. It comes through quickly when you "fake it", especially in a narrative environment.

Eric Olson

BlogOn sounds like it will be a great conference. It will be interesting to see how blogging is used in different companies going forward. My current employer, for example, has a lot of proprietary technology/database material so I could see them being quite touchy when it comes to setting up a company blog for security reasons. However, I do think that it would benefit the company in the recruiting area if nothing else.

What do you suggest such a company, or internal blogging evangelist at such a company, do to get blogging implemented?

Mable Yee

It would be great for corporations to accelerate their adoption of blogs and new media as channels of communication with their customers. They will need help and guidance to ensure that they use these channels appropriately and understand the unique opportunities and challenges that these rich new media channels will offer. Let's hope that they truly understand the empowerment of blogs, wikis, blikis, etc. that enable two way interactive relationships between the consumer and the companies. I'd appreciate the discount code for Blogon. It's an important emerging conference.


Just wanted to say how awesome this site is. More information on Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur can be found at


We can't begin to explain what happened when we added a blog. At first, it was going to be a sort of daily "diary" of a writing/research and investment facilitation firm -- but then we realized how dreadfully boring that could be. :-) So we really didn't know WHAT to write in there.

Then we figured, "Do we REALLY need a theme, some weird motif, a tres chic style, etc.?" Of course not. The whole idea for a blog is to write whatever you want to write (within the law, of course) Be it a political firestorm, or the latest gadgets, or the weird story of the day. We've been writers for a combined 50 years or so, and we have the most fun blogging when we're talking about what's on our minds and in our hearts.

Perfect example; the harrowing details at St. Rita's nursing home in New Orleans, where 34 people lost their lives needlessly. Before CNN could report the crime of negligent homicide, our blog already had an entire list of St. Rita's many deficiency reports all spread out for the world to see. Paul had done a huge search for the nursing home and found all sorts of relevant information that could have explained why the home was so unkempt and ill-prepared.

We personally think the blog has also brought us a great new list of clients too. Before we had our blog up, our number of email contacts numbered less than 40. Since then, about three months now, it's gone up to close to 150, and people sign up to receive information about our site on an ongoing basis and reply to our posts.

Adding a blog was the best thing we could have done, and we humbly thank Google's for the opportunity. :-)

See you soon!

Paula and Paul
The Scribes


I'm singing a torch song for her


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