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Cardozo Bozo

Perhaps good advice would be, If you can't talk about the company comfortably, just go up on stage and play with the product. Watching someone play with a really cool toy is almost as fun as playing with it yourself, and really makes you want to get one.

Darren Herman

There is a huge difference between talking about your product and and showing it in action. I've been on both sides of the table, both from the capital perspective and from the entrepreneurial (more experience here) and it's amazing to see how many people just talk about their product. If it excites better excite everyone else as well! Get them excited. If you can't get your potential investors excited, you better re-align your marketing strategy, or it's going to be a long bumpy road with unhappy investors.


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most excellent video feed from apple on the steve jobs show... i especially liked when he almost went to the podcast from the Front Row demo.

if you have not seen amanda in action, it is well worth the bandwidth!


Michael Liubinskas

I've seen some demos go straight into the product and it becomes unclear about what their product is. With Nano it's easy. You hold it up there. But for net applications it isn't, especially when they work with other applications or the operating system.

My plan for our demos is;
1. Quickly say what the product is. 10 seconds
2. Tell them how you will demo it. 10 seconds.
3. Demo the product.
4. Remind them what you just did and why that's worthwhile.
5. More demos or sit down.

Fingers crossed......

Michael Liubinskas

The Steve Jobs video has been taken down. Any alternate sources?

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