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steve crandall

I strongly agree that the emergence of content creation tools will make a huge difference, but suggest it is the middle part of the tail, rather than the long tail that is important.

I've been involved in some music creation experiments with a conservatory ... what happens when music 101 involves composition (your own) of musical types that you are passionate about. The tool was GarageBand and we had about 100 very happy excited students. We also had about 3 or 4 pieces of music that someone else might enjoy.

Chatting with people who have been working with video, amv and douginshi suggest similar percentages even in fandoms.

This will produce a great amount of good material, but it is important to note the SNR will be much worse than the commercial world (remember that only 5% of scripts make it past a first reading).

But the tools are getting great - last week I saw a wonderful claymation comedy that was done by a couple of 17 year olds with an iMac, a cheap digital still camera and a $40 piece of software. I suspect these kids would be good at many other things.

Peter Caputa

Amen. It is about time someone recognizes that the publishing platform is a critical piece of making this all work. If we look at the range of types of content where regular people have been empowered with the ability to publish on a similar level as big media, we still have a long way to go. We've democratized diaries, photo albums (flickr), disc jockeys (podcasts) and bookmarks. I'd say we're just getting started.

The quick bucks might be in aggregation, but long term value is in the publishing platform.

Mike Rechan

How should a self publishing tool company approach the market at this point to capture long tail value? Most seem to provide a "free" service that is perhaps ad driven and/or offer a premium upsell. I would think services such as LiveJournal and Myspace were valued based on unique users or overall impressions generated factoring in a growth projection? Will services such as TypePad find the going tough over the long haul as more free services are offered? Seems like the market is valuing audience and growth over short term subscription revenues that might make a self publishing company profitable faster? Question is how to best position a company in the self publsihing space?

Silvana Delatte

Content Creation Tools. As a primary content creator I fully agree with your investment strategy. The problem at the moment is the learn as you go situation. There is no central location, that I know of, that compares tools and can give useful information and analysis. In this market the "sell side" is aware of the developements and trends but the "buy side" is totally in the dark. As an investor in this market you might do well if you can find also the independent analyst about content creation tools and all the upcoming tools such as RSS,tags,. The Long Tail is waiting for a Magazine (paper or online).

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