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Interesting post... what's missing for me is mobile. AJAX is fine for a desktop PC but have you ever tried going to an AJAX only site with a mobile smartphone. It's an interesting experience. Soon there will be more mobile devices than desktop devices. No one leaves home without their mobile device and yet the Internet still has no idea when it's talking to a mobile device.

Damian Roskill

I agree with Peter above - when I look at something like Goowy - I love the interface but the fact that they are missing mobile means I can't use the application in real life.

I also wanted to comment on this whole "we release more than XXX" junk. It is easy for these companies to release quickly - they're starting from nothing and therefore have no legacy code or users to support. I work on a very large internal web system with a lot of complexity - and changes slow down. You can see this with Yahoo. After buying Oddpost, it took them, what, a year to integrate and the product out there? That was probably because they had a huge legacy code base with the current Yahoo mail.

Jack Krupansky

If would be enlightening for you to elaborate on your comment that "everyone in the room had clear answers to the 'what is your business model' question".

Were their answers all as credible as they were clear? Did they each have a clear plan for profitability? What are some examples of the business models that were discussed?

For example, was Writely's answer 100% in-sync with the recent news of their acquisition?


-- Jack Krupansky

Robert Hoffer

The notion of daily product revs is somewhat reminiscent of "Netscape Time;" Rember that? How about this as a thought: put some thought into your IA up front and perhaps you might not need to 'rev' your product every day. It's true that design and particularly UI design is iterative but many user problems can be easily identified and therefore preemptively corrected PRIOR to launching 'permanent' beta apps.

Imagine how you'd react if BMW did that. Sorry the breaks didn't work Mr. Hornik, but, it's to be expected - we're in beta after all - it says so right on the DASH! You'll be relieved to know that we're on the job though ... we'll be sure to get that in the next rev if enough people complain about it.

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