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Baris Karadogan


Thanks for the mention and see you on Friday.


The Entrepreneurial Endeavor

[...]I came across a good list of Web 2.0 companies via VentureBlog. While I don't agree with some of the companies on the list as web 2.0 (i.e.friendster), the sheer length of the list amazes me. Just in the Social Bookmarking category there are over 40 companies. Can we say saturated?[...]


Hi David,

This is a great list, thanks!

If you would allow me to make a smaill correction. Sproutit Mailroom is actually a business email solution rather then storage or hosting. For some reason it is mislabeled in most of these lists.

Thank you for understanding.


Hi David,

This is a great list, thanks!

If you would allow me to make a smaill correction. Sproutit Mailroom is actually a business email solution rather then storage or hosting. For some reason it is mislabeled in most of these lists.

Thank you for understanding.


The consumer Internet space has always been a crowded one.

If we were to look at the "not web 2.0" companies that have been born in the recent months (not to mention those that have been running for a while), the list would be 100 times or more the size of this "web 2.0" list.

Sure, one could ague that at this point in time it makes no sense to craft a list of the "not web 2.0" companies and services, but in the end I believe that the label is not what matters, but the business model, whether it solves existing problems (rather than creating the problem and providing a solution to it), and everything else that somewhat defines the future of a company.

It's very interesting for me personally to see that this web 2.0 list includes two of the services my company provides (ZoomClouds and ZoomTags) as well as another project that we're not officially claiming, yet for us, those aren't companies nor services we see as our reason to be. Rather, they are toys or experiments we developed, and what really keeps us going are the other "web 1.0" services we've been providing for years, such as eListas or ZoomGroups. eListas and ZoomGroups combined have a user base of well over 20 million registered users - and they continue to grow non-stop at an amazing pace. Yet, they've never made it to any "list". But we launch two small projects like ZoomClouds, and suddenly, we're relevant? I even read the other day someone saying that ZoomClouds - nothing but a feature - could be an interesting target acquisition for SixApart (!!). Now, to me that's mind blowing. One more reason for VCs to look at the core value of companies, not at whether they're 2.0'ish or not. In the end, has something really changed or isn't it business as usual after all?

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Their three major stock market indexes lost more than 2 percent last week amid worries that a lot of some European governments would try to drop this particular euro. Fitch Ratings warned Friday the idea keep in mind this may cut the very credit grades on behalf of Italy, Spain and additionally four other countries where it implementation a person's currency.


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