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Andrew Fife

576 words. :)


Did you get your barbecue? If not and charcoal is your thing, check out the Big Green Egg. It rocks.


I too was lured into BBQ's Galore for fathers day. I ended up with one of the few charcoal options. Took only an hour or so to put together. Hope you're enjoying yours as I am mine.


For those interested in what David called "interesting fuzzy search technology," the company is called Transparensee Systems. I'd be happy to answer any questions about our BestMatch product search technology! Bruce


check out

I think this will probably address your bbq ecommerce needs

Jon Klein

I think your article is a great example of entrepreneurial grit. The one thing I am not sure of is that he went out on a limb when he pulled up his site and searched for bar-b-ques.

At the very least an individual as prepared as he was had previously searched for bar-b-ques and knew the results would cast his technology in a favorable light.

It is also possible that he spent most of the previous week tweaking his technology to have the best possible bar-b-que search imaginable. I am not implying that he hoodwinked you with a rigged demo, but rather that he demonstrated another talent of entrepreneurs - understanding the customer's requirements and ensuring that his product delivered.

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