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Paul had over 8 million hits on his website last year. I just recently "discovered" him and blogged about the man yesterday. See
He may have passed the new car test. I also heard recently that he is investing again in the Kiko guys. I find that *very* cool. It takes a bright person to look beyond emotion and see good talent through the pain of a loss.


ps - David, are you ignoring my recent email? Thanks and be well.

Andrew Fife


Minor point of contention...

Paul Graham is *your* Prius. He is an Accord (gas only) to most software entrepreneurs.

Nonetheless, thanks for sharing more info about FOO Camp with those of us not in attendance. I appreciate it.


shane richards

Hey thanks for sharing the information with us.

hodnam Nam

I've enjoyed Paul's writings also. Your description of his ideal entrepreneur matches what Jim Collins calls Hedgehogs. Here is a recent post about my observations of Hedgehogs and Foxes in Silicon Valley.

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