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VCCAST is a nice name but you could call it Elmo's Corner and people would still come listen to you and Craig speak, especially since you're referring them from your ventureblog.

MySpace blew up the way it did because of Murdoch and his access to media. I was there at the beginning when Friendster first launched and there when MySpace first launched. MySpace did not grow in popularity until MySpace was being splashed all over Fox Media Networks. Its popularity is due to Murdoch.

A) Hrm, just hearing you rant about your frustrations with the entrepreneurs who pitch you ideas would be amusing.

B) Talk about where you see 'web 2.0' is headed or what the need is right now


Owning the domain was a "good thing" for your early venture blogging. Since you don't seem to own and is still available (as of 10/28 around midnight PST) go for that ;)


As VentureBlog is already known and protected why not directly linked you casts to it? May I suggest VentureBlogPodcasts or VentureBlogCasts?

Jason M. Lemkin

VentureRant is so right, at so many levels ;)

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