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Matthias Zeller

I am curious why you did not mention the big controversy about the speech of Francois Bayrou and Nicolas Sarkozy. I did not attend the conference but it seems a lot of people were offended (
Did you think the speech was appropriate? Do you expect a significant impact for next years conference?


hi David, was good to meet you there and share the same panel. keep on blogging.

David Rusenko

Hi David, great meeting you at LeWeb, and am looking forward to chatting again in the valley soon.


oh come ON mr. hornik... i call BULLS**T on you for this one.

how can you POSSIBLY post about Le Web 3 conference and not even say a word about all the controversy?

furthermore, as a Six Apart investor you appear blatantly biased by not disclosing the connection to Loic.

totally fine to disagree / defend the controversy, but to not even MENTION it is a gross obfuscation / dereliction of duty as a blogger.

seriously: your readers deserve better.

David Hornik

Actually, I call bullshit on the controversy. In my mind it is massively overblown. The organizers of a conference always get to determine the content of that conference. To the extent that folks think the political speakers were misplaced, that is their prerogative. But it was Loic's prerogative to invite them. I certainly understand that some attendees did not think that it was a good choice. And I believe that Loic has heard that message loud and clear. But the political speakers were a very small portion of a very successful web conference. My relationship to Six Apart or Loic have nothing to do with my belief that Le Web was a powerful testimony to the vibrance of web startups in Europe.


so again, i fully accept your right to say the controversy was overblown... and even more importantly, you're one of the few people i respect enough to take that perspective and make me believe it.

as i was saying, your avoiding even mentioning the issue would appear to lend credibility to it. given that you chose to post something, i just can't see how you could choose to not say anything about it.

my apologies if you feel my comment was overly harsh, but i wouldn't feel that way if you hadn't said anything about it at all. however, since you did, guess i kind of expected you to say something one way or the other.

just my perspective perhaps, but seems like i wasn't the only commenter that felt that way.

anyway, your opinion does matter to me, as someone i trust who was there.

GHD Iron

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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