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I'll be there with Tungle, a soon-to-be portfolio company. The whole day should be very interesting. My 1st time at UTR, too.

Charlie Crystle

We didn't get into Office 2.0 because she didn't get it. We're releasing SalesWorks, which is based on our Hybrid Web platform, which merges to power of the desktop with the breadth of the web. Things run where it makes sense for tehm to run. Performance is generally much better on the desktop, blowing away even the most nimble Ajax.

We launched SalesWorks at DEMO this year, showing the deep and seamless integration by taking a list of contacts from the desktop app, seamlessly mapping out to MST virtual earth, sooming in on a state, and pulling those contacts back into the desktop app and sending them snail mail.

My problem with "Office 2.0" is that it ignores "Desktop 2.0", with presenters being web-based only, which is really narrow in thinking. the bottom line is customers in the real world don't care so much where something runs, just that it works, it performs very well, and they can get their job done and move on. Most of the world doesn't care about the hype.

Have fun at the conference--I broke my shoulder so I'm not traveling for along time. One last thought--I love evangelism. It's so important if you have something compelling and want developers to invest their time and thought into it. Microsoft is really the king of developer evangelism, and if you're really interested in how it is done well, go to one of their developer conferences.

Ok, back to my one-armed mixing...Samplitude is pretty sweet.


David - you are an evangelist - for all your investee companies, your music, etc. You just don't get paid separately for it.

Jeff Barr

Hi David, thanks for the kind words. Being an evangelist is definitely fun, especially when you have great products to talk about and a great company behind you.

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