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Don Dodge

David, Excellent insights. IBM did indeed become the "computerless computer company" while DEC disappeared into oblivion. We have seen the "Fab less chip company" that designs chips and licenses the technology but doesn't produce chips. Perhaps software is next. Perhaps it has already happened in the sense that shrink wrapped software is pretty rare these days.

Software is increasingly delivered as a Service. is the usual example. I consider Google to be a software company since most of their employees are software engineers...but they don't sell software. An example of the "softwareless software company"?

This is a great topic. You have inspired me to write a blog on this . I will of course link back to you as the source.


Don Dodge


David -- excellent as usual. Can't wait for the 100% cellphone internet (the webless web) with distributed content and bandwidth (the serverless service), et. al.


Wow, Great David, simply suberub , yes i agree your points, its very effective and informative. Not everyone give their full effects, so as you said its Softwareless Software Company, Computerless Computer Company, first time i have read your blog, i impressed very much, you have wrote very differently compares others blog writer. Good keep it up. Expecting more and more blogs from you


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GHD Iron

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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