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Anthony Riordan

September the Nations first Performance contractors gathering. Papers being accepted to present your model.

Conference Message - How can we change Labor to bring back American Work?

How can we stop Union and Hourly setbacks from controlling the work force and education?

Should States claim performance workers without utilizing performance standards and concepts?

Can training new labor forces through temp agencies change business leaders belief on worker pay systems?

I am amazed I found someone using performance contracting because I am in a battle in the state of Maine for stealing what I have know as Pay for Performance contracting since 1989. SESCO Inc., sold conserved energy back to utility companies based on pay for performance contracting beginning in 1987 and by 1993 we were the largest residential performance contractor in the US. We also were given contracts with the polish government to teach pay for performance energy conservation methods and savings guarentees.

I operated a national training center training sub contractors, Insulation contractors, weatherization specialists and quality control from around the US on changing there work force from hourly, salary and bonus to pay for performance structure. Everyone traveled to our national training center in NJ. In 1997 - 2000 SESCO and Qaulity Conservation Services took on the nations largest Low income projects in the US winning the bids on California's low income energy service contracts. These 80 million dollar per year residential home projects were reduced to less than 40 million per year by doing these projects on pay for performance basis, only being paid for actual energy saved, being paid bonuses on Quality, customer service and longevity of Savings.

I give you this bit of info because I have been writing to papers, to web sites and to many other organizations with how Performance contracting and performance workers could change how business is done in almost every type of business. From marketing to actual sales in resuraunts, retail, production facilities etc. My feeling at the moment is that if temp agencies are set up utilizing performance contracting or performance worker concepts we could reverse the pulling out of business to other country's.

Who are these Doneright people and when did they start using performance contracting? I would love to get there assistance especially because the State of Maine is trying to claim they are doing performance contracting with state run conservation efforts and the program has no performance methodology that I am used to in the performance industry. Using bonuses only is not what it is about, it is about a complete work ethic from the office people to changing the efforts of the distributors.

I have a company named RESCUENERGY and I am looking at the moment to start marketing my performance concepts to other business here in Maine. I would like to know more about your concept and how you do your business models. The 150 or so performance workers that I have been associated with now have operations in Texas, NY City, NJ, Los Angeles. I ran offices in Salem Or., Washington state, San Diego, San Francisco, NY, NJ and Maine.

I can be contacted at

I published (pay for performance contracting for Low income customers) it was published in the ACEEE Policy Manual in 1993. This can be found on the ACEEE web site and with your current concept and the contractor and management that have trained as actual pay for performance contractors you should find our interests similar. We were paid for energy savings only if they persisted. We had a complete pay for performance system from management to the warehouse to marketing. The team efforts also allowed us to complete more work with better quality and customer service than any other energy contractor. The ability for us to complete cost effective guarenteed results put many non profit and union companies on the war path in California and NY. The changes a work force like performance working can create can change industry's, change labor forces by paying people what they are worth, getting more work done at less cost with better quality and products that reflect our company were designed for the customer that still today are not sold retail because we designed them putting them at a higher quality rate and non cosmetic allowing more comprehensive installations. Anyway I would like to learn more about your company. I am now in Maine, recovering from Cancer and starting up a new wing of performance contractors. I ran into the state of Maine who are using the performance name with no true performance incentives or opportunities.


Anthony F Riordan Jr.

New Organization to be finalized this September - Name subject to change

American Performance Workers Union (APWU)

Uday Subbarayan

The datacenter is going through massive growth due to the increasing need for "cloud services"(both consumer apps & business apps like saas).

This company is going to benefit from this trend...



I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

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