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market size for data munging.

might I suggest the article:

NICCI: A Multi-agent Cognitive Formation. Edward Dawidowicz. U.S. Army

as a primer on thinking just how big this market (not just logfile analysis) really is? Once you start really thinking of viewing items as related entities (vis a vis) individual cogs, you can see the next evolutionary step in business from ERP and flat petri nets (ie: think SAP) to providing businesses with a living entity* (systems and subsystems intuitively working together) that is really self optimizing and corrective.

Now, if you can explain that in less than 30 seconds w/o using tech talk, you get a CALI award, lol...

I've actually awhile ago about the company in the same business at CoolTechClub (Russian Tech valley group), but those guys seemed much more involved with selling.

On a side note, this is the first time I've seen a blogger implement openid - don't think it's going to last long...

from China Internet Marketing Blog

So much for business plans and define the market I guess-

im with startup play on this one-openid is a drag


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