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Deva Hazarika


If you have any problems w/ Jaxtr, drop me a line. I know lots of deep, dark secrets about Konstantin!!!

Daniel Bull

Your comments have inspired me to start blogging... Since the ventureblog fad is coming to an end and I am a band wagon destroyer who takes no prisoners... It seems like the right thing to do... I am already having fun at everyone else's expense...

This is the East coast entering the West coast dominated blogosphere...


How does someone get introduced to a VC company? Dodgeball is good... but is there more to it?


Just because someone doesn't't love you the way you want them to, doesn't't mean
they don't love you with all they have.


Rambling can excel when all ten fingers are as fast or at least equal to the speed of ones own thoughts. Rambling is what allows us to make a natural connection with our life rather than the forced yoke of the tag. For where does an online tag often lead us other than deeper into a world we already know to collect pieces of knowledge that we do not know.

So tags make IMHO assist to us accumulate and collect and fill ourselves until we reach a point that we become an island of pure knowledge filled excellence. Who needs Google when are so filled, what wonderful party tricks we can accomplish when we can repeat for verbatim what it is we know - rather than question why it is that we need to know it. One day our ability to relate fully how Google can change the human mind will bring us to developing a 21st Century mind - until then we will remain principally Child of the 60's social theory or worse subservience to etiquette of an Age of Reason.

Rambling is the ship that takes one temporarily off that island. You and I know deep down inside that the world we actually exist in is rather small. Eventually the degree's of separation are slim inside the island and for all our talk of changing the world, if we are not the 3% that control the worlds financial resource, we can also be the 3% that control the information resource.

In an age where the conformity is twitter rambling is a refreshing shower that bathes that can channel the human spirit via the mind. In a world we are all busy either creating media channels or new ways of thinking and doing, the channel of humanity requires both a willingness to think and an ability to do. Rambling is as important to our discover as the ability to Twitter, as detailed art is to abstract or pointillism is to classical brush strokes.

I will finish up my Kwai Chang Caine walk here me finish my thinking here with what makes rambling most human and it is exactly that, that rambling is the nearest physical equivalent of our own thoughts but in in the Island we live in, it is also a professional death, if we cling to the safety of remaining branded dolls.

Of course those follow Biblical principles know of the adage "Say Little Do Much" - but online written rambling is not speech, it is as I have thought out aloud, it is thought. Video and Audio can turn thought into a sensory component that are mechanical but virtual eyes and ears, but rambling apart from being an affront to those who value reason, is what our minds do naturally.

The ability to see and hear has nothing to do with having physical eyes and ears or virtual video and audio, that ability comes down to both the quality of our human spirit and the true depth of our personal intelligence. It is not for me to say who is intelligent or who is not, but few people get away with rambling and that is because of what we are taught and how we are conditioned. To teach is to think and today the true prize goes to the life time learner, not the individual who delivers a lecture. Why would I even think of rambling to deliver a sermon, speech or a point of view - these are thoughts expressed through the filters of professional maturity, human pertinence and personal relevance - so if I cannot hear my own self think then how do I know I am learning?

I will pack up my bags and find a new destination, I found my brief time here constructive and creatively applied - and just like Kwai Chang Caine of the offline world I think much but in reality say very little. Rambling is simply an intelligence that harvests our own thoughts but also a stupidity when it is absent of any personal process. The intelligence in rambling is our ability to let our thoughts go and the freedom to think so we can improve ourselves as individual human beings, rather than simply tagging and being so tethered to social media to collect more thoughts and package them as more knowledge and therefore actually serve to create that much more virtual distance to where resides the accumulated density that shapes the Island of Technological Excellence.


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Rambling is what allows us to make a natural connection with our life rather than the forced yoke of the tag.


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Skyler, glad to hear it. We’ll go through each component of the application in a different blog post this summer

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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths.

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