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This is a brilliant^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H post.


I was just reading some of your archives and stumbled across the Labor v. Capital dodge ball game.

It sounds like fun. If you decide to host another, how about including Attorneys? It could be Labor and Company side attorneys v. Capital and Investor side attorneys.

I'll even waive my fee!

you'd love a GE pitch then, first slide on the deck is called a 4-up or 4-banger, literally 4 slides-in-one on the first slide and it better all be #'s and graphs


Facts speaks for themselves

Jeff Solomon

I read this post some time ago and made a note to re-read it every time I prepare for a board meeting. Well, that time has arrived again and this was a timely jog to my memory. Rarely are adjectives used in lieu of facts. I think we (entrepreneurs) use adjectives when we either haven't done the work to track an metrics or we don't want to face the truth that the facts are not pretty.

I'm going to be using your post as ammunition, it can't be said enough. Adjectives are for people who haven't done the work.

Great points. The truth lies in the facts, and the facts only. The question I have, particularly in regards to assessing market competition, when are too many facts too much. What is the right amount of facts to provide without overwhelming or losing the attention of the VC? ...

Thanks for the suggestions. Very useful to have your perspective.
However, massively, monumentally, gargantuanly and colossally are adverbs. But I agree they maybe annoying as well as the adjectives :)

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