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My guess is that Chuck Jones would have either tried to drop a boulder on my head or blow me up with some Acme dynamite.

I also ran a speaker's bureau of sorts in college, and we brought in (I'm not making this up) Mel Blanc.


Except Mel called in sick and we ended up with Joe Piscipo, who was a total jerk.

Thanks for the kind words and a solid review.

Chris Douvos

Econ 101 teaches us that people will do what's rational to maximize utility. Unfortunately, economists use money as the least-worst proxy for utility which ignores the psychographic benefits that people get from doing stuff (of course, those blasted Utils are so hard to measure!)
One of the most powerful benefits that people seek is the sense of belonging; and that sense is such potent driver of choices, including the choice of where to work. I suspect that the whole 2.0 ethos of societal atomization, individual empowerment, content creation at the network edge, decline of traditional community in favor of community-of-interest, etc will only make the tribe-impulse that much more potent (and attainable) going forward. People are joiners in search of a shaman-chieftain; we're just hard-wired that way. The beauty is that today it's easier than ever to join (start?) a tribe and proclaim to the world why your tribe is da bomb!

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That's not his. Steve's is black*_*

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According to Seth, tribes are started by heretics of sorts. They are not blinded by the status quo. They are not afraid of failure. They are true believers in what they are doing. And they barrel forward without concern for the potential consequences of the decisions they are making. They lead by example. And they are unendingly generous to their communities -- giving of their time, their ideas, their selves. In short, these heretics are great entrepreneurs!

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I remember a few years ago when you could get a steal on a used car. Pretty amazing how fast the market changes, thanks for the info.

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Any pictures? Would love a house with that much land...oh and I've just noticed its quite an old post. Is it still available?

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with our remodel last Fall. I was a little concerned, but they showed up again this year right on schedule and built a new nest:-) They are my favorite Spring visitors.

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After bringing it to a boil, I let it simmer for a half hour. (Hint: You'll want to turn the vent on.) Every so often, I gave the serrano slices a little mash with a wooden spoon. Then I strained out the solids and put the water back into the saucepan.

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One need look no further than Seth's seven elements of leadership to appreciate that he is talking about entrepreneurs.


If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

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Great summary of what it is really like - it's not perfect, but with a little creativity and help from the employer - it is a great step to providing the best nutrition and protection to our children. I work as a lactation consultant in Northern California and many of the companies we work work are on board already. Its a short term commitment for a huge long term gain. Thanks for your post.

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If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.

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i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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