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Meh. Data access in Europe isn't expensive - I live here, and my ultra-basic pre-pay Vodafone service gives me 50MB/day for EUR 0.99, anywhere in Europe, including countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and in the US.

It's US telco roaming rates - and roaming rates in general - that you should focus your ire on.


An interesting perspective in your post!

Maybe soon we won't even need to pack a suitcase~
for more reading on this topic--I wrote an article a couple of days ago on some specific iPhone apps for travel for your next trip to Paris--"The Top 12 iPhone Applications for Travel"

Happy travels!

Ouriel Ohayon

David 2 questions

Which app did you preload?
How much did that cost you in roaming?

I am interested in the apps you used to as I find the iPhone really helpful in traveling new places. Have you used similar apps before? How much did you use them.

Also, AT&T offers an international data plan for I believe a surcharge of $30... did you find the prepaid cheaper?


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I used my iphone for traveling within the US really recently. MetrO app was exteremely helpful with getting around town and using public transportation. Apps like urban sppon or opentable were helpful with restaurants as well!! I didn't spend money on any of the apps i got but i saw there were travel apps for certain cities through companies similar to Go Spain! etc. I agree with everything said above. I googled the Massachusetts state house and was able to get a history lesson infront of the building.

Its a completely new way to travel. Just up and go with your iphone.

Nice running into you at the SF MOMA yesterday. I liked your suggestions on using the iPhone in Paris -- it's a new way to travel anywhere in the world. After reading this blog post, my wife and I ended up using them last November when we were there. The travel books stayed in the hotel room.

The translation app (based on Google Translate) was a hit and helped with everything from street signs to menu items. Maybe it was the time of year with fewer tourists, but I felt people were actually nice + courteous wherever we went in Paris and tried to speak to us in English as much as they could.

On an unlimited data plan in the US, it's easy not to notice how data is consumed, but with data roaming charges in Paris, the dollars added up. We ended up maxing out all the plans AT&T offers for international data roaming (200MB for $200). After that it went up to $5 per MB which or $50 just for the last ten MB or $250 total during our ten day trip. I noticed that the reason I used so much was GPS-enabled Google Maps used up lots of data as it refreshes the maps everytime I walk 20 feet while walking the streets. For the same reason, it was also a big drain on battery power.

The app I missed most was GPS-enabled Yelp, which is not available in Paris. I wasn't aware of any other GPS-base recommendation system, but would have been even better with one. Maybe for the next trip...


James Pope

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I didn't spend money on any of the apps i got but i saw there were travel apps for certain cities through companies similar to Go Spain! etc. I agree with everything said above.

Cell phone tracker

Good to know your story, I take my cell phone with me everyday, and I like those apps.

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What a cool analysis! It seems to me that these clusters also generally correspond to accents. I've always been slightly boggled by how many 'different' accents there are in Ireland and the UK, compared to the US, given their relative sizes. I'd be interested to see the same analysis applied to these two islands, or even Europe in general. Link my name now!

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Which app did you preload?

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So, having Google maps and iphone is very useful when you travel to other countries.Good idea!!!

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While in Paris, I could count on the iPhone to answer two questions reliably: 1) where am I? and 2) how old is that? While that may not seem like much, I would say it accounts for more than 50% of inquiries while traveling around Europe. I can't understate the power of pulling up Google Maps on the iPhone when you emerge from the Metro. No more trying to orient yourself on a paper map. Just launch Google Maps and there you are. Better yet, if you have the new iPhone, you can even see which direction you are pointing, so you won't have to walk a block just to realize that you are walking in the wrong direction. Looking for a particular museum or restaurant? Search for it on maps and, voila, there it is located with a red pin. The iPhone takes out all the gueswork in navigation.

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