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Glenn Kelman

I don't know a single entrepreneur who likes this trend. The iPads used to take notes to see slides in more detail are also often used to browse the web or read email during a board meeting. I have been on panels where other speakers have brought iPads and begun browsing them rather than engaging in the conversation; folks look up only to give their (often off-point, self-promoting) pitch.

Unobtrusive is not the same as un-distracting.

Rafi Yoeli

Taking notes is absolutely easy if you have a Pogo Sketch stylus and either on or both of the following apps:

The first one has an amazing pen "feel", the second records all that is being said while synchronizing in playback with notes that you take. Both are amazing! Let me know what you think [email protected]

ipad accessories

Doesn't anyone remember the short the stint that featured Palm handheld devices and stylus pens. Sure enough these devices were innovative but didn't quite make the grade in usability.

Well now we finally have a portable, lightweight device with maximum accessibility on a great platform and believe in Apple when they say they intend to infiltrate the boardroom with the iPad tablet.

The device is capable of smoothly displaying multi-media presentations and media files while also allowing users to take notes and transfer data. What's better than that?


Dave: I have noticed precisely the same wave. While working at, a friend of mine, Rob Stretch, helped to solve the PDF markup problem with an app called Noterize.

Jonathan Schacter

Dave, I agree completely that the iPad is an ideal device for meetings however I find that taking notes is not a problem once you are used to the virtual keyboard.

That being said I agree with the comments that proper meeting etiquette and respect must prevail by not getting distracted by the devise and by giving your undivided attention to what is going on in the meeting.

David Hornik

Glenn and Jonathan, I don't disagree for a second that there is a temptation to lose focus with the shiny screen of the iPad lying before you. But that is also true when you bring in a laptop or iPhone or Blackberry. There are folks who argue very reasonably that there should be no electronic devices in the board room because they want everyone to focus on the meeting and not be distracted. I'm not sure you need to be quite so draconian. I think it is enough to call out folks for not paying attention. They will be hard pressed to continue the behavior. The iPad is just a tool and can certainly be used in unproductive ways. But I have seen iPads add to the focus and depth of a meeting. So don't shoot the device :)


The VC certainly are coming up in the world, if they are having business meetings with iPads. I always wondered what the Viet Cong were up to these days.

Jonathan Schacter

Dave, I wasn't suggesting to blame the device. In fact I am with you in that I think the iPad adds tremendous value in a meeting. I only meant to acknowledge Glenn's comment in that there are those that do get distracted by their device and this is unfair to all those in attendiance at the meeting. This is a personal quality and not on of any device.

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Alessandro Isolani


Perhaps you can make a separate post listing your 'must have' apps. I'm eager to be more productive with this thing, but without a USB port or multi-tasking (not to mention a built-in CLOCK like the elegant one on the iPhone), I'm at a loss as to what to do beyond scratching out an occasional letter or checking email/surfing the web... Seems like an over sized (read clumsy) iPhone so far, without the multitasking. I'm not digging it yet.

But I'm open minded, and curious minds want to know: what are your top ten apps?


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John R. Sedivy

I hadn't thought about the non-technical benefits of an iPad - definitely interesting about the removal of barriers in a board meeting, or any meeting for that matter. Concerning the tendency of individuals to browse the Web during a meeting - I'm of the mind that a meeting should not have captive audiences, if the speaker is unable to capture the attention of their audience, it may be a flaw in the presenter or meeting format, rather than the attention span of the audience - know your audience!

I did have a question concerning one of your comments, specifically: "I personally think that hanging on to board notes is a recipe for disaster. It is a bit like keeping delicious smelling food in your tent. Eventually you will attract a bear." Could you elaborate on what is meant by this? I'm just curious in that I tend to take detailed notes for later recall, but am interested in your perspective on this.

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This government, this young government, springing up in this new world within half a century, founded on the broadest principles of civil liberty, and sustained by the moral sense and intelligence of the people, has gone in advance of all other nations in summoning the civilized world to a common effort to put down and destroy a nefarious traffic reproachful to human nature. They were in London and it was an evening in early spring. There's not enough in him to win my love. But the war terminated. It's pretty enough, sir. We got to Whitmansworth the next afternoon. El conde y la condesa de Villanera, despuГ©s de un largo viaje cuya historia no ha sabido nunca ParГ­s, han vuelto hace tres meses a su palacio del _faubourg_ de San Honorato. Grisi performing _Norma_; Mlle. But, yielding to this application, and departing from our former principle of avoiding European combinations upon subjects not American, we stipulated in a solemn treaty, that we would carry into effect our own laws, and fixed the minimum force we would employ for that purpose. El seГ±or de SangliГ© le dejГі a la puerta de su casa muy aliviado, ya que no curado. [url=]Buy hydrocone online now[/url] [url=]Equity stock financing cornell[/url] The boudoir bell rang and I came, all of a tremble, to hear it for the first time after so long. They are kept till the period of early manhood, and then sent out into the world to enter upon its business and affairs. And Robertyes, he would richly reward the boy who had restored to him the son lost so long.


But if the President should think that the slightest injury to the public interest would ensue from the disclosure of my views, the letter may be buried in the archives of the department, and thus forgotten and rendered harmless. It seemed to me that men were not so invincible and invulnerable as I had imagined themit appeared they had feeling and affections after all. Nun sind Sie wieder verrückt. The stranger ordered another glass of whisky and went out. But Winter came at last, and, when the snow, Thickheaped for gleaming leagues o'er hill and plain, Spread its unbroken silence over all, Made bold by hunger, he was fain to glean 90 (More sick at heart than Ruth, and all alone) After the harvest of the merciless wolf, Grim Boaz, who, sharpribbed and gaunt, yet feared A thing more wild and starving than himself; Till, by degrees, the wolf and he grew friends, And shared together all the winter through. Es ist entsetzlich! Solamente entonces se tranquilizó la enferma y durmió hasta entrado el día. Aquí es donde he colocado siempre mis fondos, y a fe que no me ha ido mal. Do you happen to know if Cæsar had a good night or not? Why, they say that we deprive them of the privilege of carrying their slaves, as slaves, into the new territories. [url=]Buy millermatic 180 welder online[/url] [url=]Jenkintown bad credit auto finance[/url] Hacía remontar su nacimiento a la primavera y se decía sonriendo: «Soy una niña de cuatro meses. If you wish to charge a fee or distribute a Project Gutenbergtm electronic work or group of works on different terms than are set forth in this agreement, you must obtain permission in writing from both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael Hart, the owner of the Project Gutenbergtm trademark. There is a store where I think you can find what you want.


Wilmot Proviso, to be applied to Texas and other acquisitions, 611, 612; Mr. Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements. It cannot be doubted that this salutation and greeting from my fellowcitizens of Boston is a tribute dear to my heart. National Law, concerning offences against the, 598; Emperor of Russia bound by, 598. This being so, then follow two other great principles of the American system. He apologised clumsily for taking Christopher away so soon after his long absence. It will blow over by tomorrow. Mas no era esto todo; sintiГі que se apoderaba de ella una sospecha desgarradora. The story is told in a way which has made Mr. The window stood open, though a fire burned clearly on the plain brick hearth, beneath a big hooded chimneypiece. [url=]Premium financing specialists mailing address[/url] [url=]Black finance raido shows[/url] Sehen Sie, meine Mutter war nicht von adliger, sondern von ganz einfacher Herkunft. Ha sabido que yo estaba en peligro y ha corrido a verme. Otis takes the reader on that famous expedition from the arrival of Major Clarke's force at Corn Island, until Kaskaskia was captured.


Section 1. GuLy hizo prender a los dos sacerdotes acusГЎndolos de predicar una religiГіn extraГ±a. Qui fui accolta freddamente da mio suocero e dalle mie cognate, tutta gente che detestai cordialmente al primo vederli: e dovetti fingere e fingere sempre, ed esser gentile e sorridere e ascoltare delle conversazioni stupide, noiose, interminabili, rispondere affabilmente, e rendermi amabile e interessarmi a delle cose di cui non m'importa uno zeroe non mi resta quasi che la notte in cui posso pensare a te e scriverti e piangere. He is a strong, wellmade boy, with a frank, honest face, embrowned by exposure to the sun and wind, with bright and fearless eyes and a manly look. The only tree which we saw was the musquittree, and very few of these. That's twelve years ago. He never spoke a word too muchExcept of Story, or some such, Whom, though condemned by ethics strict, The heart refuses to convict. The boys eagerly explore the temples of an extinct race and discover three golden images cunningly hidden away. I'm sure they'd much prefer it. Though he was clever at law, it was whispered by some that he would wind up on the stage, as he had a great leaning that way. [url=]Equity finance for film makers[/url] [url=]Raising finance for trading[/url] So gemein, wie du dich heute Abend aufgefГјhrt hast, hat sich niemals einer meinesgleichen benommen. BIRDOFREDUM SAWIN ESQ. Denken Sie nicht!


I will give a few references to other proceedings of this new government. Sartin explained, "but it's nice to be together in the same 'ouse, and one couldn't want a kinder gentleman than Mr. Precisamente la plaza que le ofrezco no es en París. La sua giornata era tutta occupata; l'amore illuminava ogni cosa con il suo raggio immortale; tutte le persone che l'avvicinavano l'erano simpatiche; dovunque si trovava nel proprio elemento. Yes; I had been in the wrong entirely. Lablache devoted a year to the serious study of singing, and to emancipating himself from the Neapolitan patois which up to this time had clung to him, after which he became primo basso at the Palermitan opera. Gertie's letters would contain: "Harold Beecham, he makes me call him Harry, took me to FiveBob last week, and it was lovely fun. I think that evening dress is one of the prettiest and most idiotic customs extant. As on my onward way I passed One backward glance behind I cast, The rolling waves came high and fast And washed my name away! But, in truth, looking at Mr. [url=]Buy max payne download online[/url] [url=]Buy your party supply online[/url] Tengo que hablarle seriamente. In every State, and in all the States, the people have precluded themselves from voting for everybody they might wish to vote for; they have limited their own right of choosing. To his credit he did not allow Sam to guess his irritation, but suggested a return to Cæsar's room.


The whole force of his energetic nature was focussed on the possible personality of his son. He is poor, but has good prospects. Acquistava ora un nuovo incanto a' suoi occhi; era quella che l'ultima volta aveva cantato con lui. I've told him. Malibran that she fired all her fellowartists with the ardor of her genius. Robert was no laggard, and it did not take him long to reach the village. El barГіn leyГі de una ojeada la carta del doctor. Let them guard both hall and bower; Through the window you will glower, Patient till your reckoning hour Shall be tolled; Cheeks are pale, but hands are red, Guiltless blood may chance be shed, But ye must and will be fed, Hunger and Cold! Give me thy love, or but the hope of that Which must be evermore my nature's goal. When he got out at the gate I could not resist the impulse to drive off and leave him there. [url=]Thesis subjects for finance[/url] [url=]Buy mimni tadpoles online[/url] Mann's mission, 680. They were all as good as could be to me, but I wanted to be more than an extra in someone's life, so I must needs encumber myself with a troublesome little boy who's even more greedy than myself, apparently. I can now spend my entire dollar on Anabelle.


Like everybody else, I do believe that the iPad is a great tool for enhancing communication. But I am also interested on your perspective on 2 thing. First, what apps you think will give me the most bang for my buck for meetings and 2, why do you think note taking is distracting? I don't get it?

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+ Medion MDPNA 350
+ Medion MDPNA 465t (menu)
+ Medion MDPNA 470t p4410 = JVC KV-PX70
+ Medion MDPNA 470t P4Q
+ Medion MDPNA 500t MD95720
+ Medion MDPNA 510t MD96040
+ Medion GO PAL E4430
+ Medion PNA 1200 MD96710
+ Mesada
+ Modecom
+ Modecom FreeWay MX
+ Motivo
+ Motorola MOTONAV TN20
+ Motorola MOTONAV TN30
+ Mustek GP-220
+ Mustek GP-230
+ Mustek GP-250
+ Mustek GP-260
+ Mustek GP-440
+ MultiLaser EXPLORER 2
+ MX-ONDA MX 7235
+ MyGuide 3000go / 3100 / 3200 / 3xxx series
+ MyGuide 4000 / 4300
+ Mystery-435
+ Mystery MNS-450
+ Mystery MNS-360MP
+ Mystery MNS-700S
+ Nash 351
+ NAV-CAM 700
+ NavGear Streetmate GP-35
+ NavGear Streetmate GP-43
+ Navgear Streetmate GT-50T-3D
+ Navia nv35
+ Navia nv45
+ Navia nv47
+ Navia nv55
+ Navia 2006
+ Navia 2008
+ Navia II
+ Navia nv431
+ NaviGoo n3510
+ NAVIGO AutoNAVI - 3000
+ Navigon 1200, 1210 (menu)
+ Navigon 2100, 2110
+ Navigon 2100 max, 2110 max
+ Navigon 2210 (menu)
+ Navigon 3100, 3110
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 4000
+ Navigon 4350 max
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 5000
+ Navigon 5100
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 6000T / Navigon PNA Transonic 6000
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 7000T
+ Navigon 7100, 7110
+ Navigon 7200, 7210
+ Navigon 7300, 7310
+ Navigon 8100, 8110 (menu)
+ Navigon 9611 Porshe (menu)
+ NAVISPACE Discovery NS-1200
+ NAVIFLASH 1020/1020t/1040/1060
+ Navitel NX3100
+ Navitel NX3110
+ Navitel NX4110
+ Navitel NX4100
+ Navitel NX4110
+ Navitel NX4300
+ Navitel NX5100
+ Navon N250
+ Navon N260
+ Navon N350
+ Navon N360
+ Navon N450
+ Navon N460
+ Navon N470
+ Navon N550
+ Navon N560
+ Navon N650
+ Navroad 410
+ Navroad NR460
+ Navroad NR750F
+ NaviGoo n3521
+ NaviGoo n4320
+ NaviRoad 430BT & NaviRoad 450BV
+ NaviTop 5011
+ NaviTop 3511 (CNS Luna)
+ Navix 07PL
+ Navix 3508
+ Navix 4306
+ Navix 4306B
+ Navix 4307
+ Navix 4307B
+ Navix 4307Bx
+ Navman F20 (only update maps)
+ Navman N60i
+ Navman N20, N40, N60
+ Navman iCN510, iCN520, iCN530, iCN550, iCN720, iCN750
+ Navman S - (all serie / вся серия)
+ Navon N470
+ NDrive G280S / NDrive G280R
+ NDrive G400
+ NDrive G800 / G800R / G800S
+ NDrive Touch
+ NDrive Touch XL
+ Neoline V-460
+ Neoline V-500
+ Newsmy S998 7.0 inch GPS Navigator (Westin G701)
+ Newsmy S999 5.0 inch GPS Navigator
+ NEXX NNS-3501
+ NEXX NNS-4301
+ Nokia 330 Auto Navigation
+ NOKIA 500 PD 14 / Nokia 500 Auto Navigation
+ NOVOGO vn-2270
+ NOVOGO x800
+ NTW GNT-E350
+ NTW GNT-C430
+ NTW GNT-C431
+ NTW GNT-S430
+ NTW GNT-S600
+ Oocare LGPS-E9125N
+ Oocare LGPS-E9128NH
+ Optimus OPTIpad 610
+ Orion NV-355
+ ORION G3510-ue
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 300
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 400 & 420
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 500
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 600
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 760
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 810 / 820 / 830
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 5000
+ Panasonic STRADA CN-GP50
+ Panasonic Strada Pocket CN-MP100D / CN-MP100DL
+ Panasonic Strada Pocket CN-MP200D / CN-MP200DL
+ Phantom Navigation Box
+ Phantom DVM-130G
+ Phantom DVM-1200 | 1200G
+ Phantom DVM-1320 | 1320G
+ Phantom DVM-1317 | 1317G
+ Phantom DVM-3028 | 3028G
+ Phantom DVM-1733 | 1733G
+ Phantom DVM-1700 | 1700G
+ Phantom DVM-3019 | 3019G
+ Phantom DVM-3006 | 3006G
+ Phantom DVM-1331 | 1331G
+ Phantom DVM-1800 | 1800G
+ Phantom DVM-1319 | 1319G
+ Phantom DVM-6500 | 6500G
+ Phantom DVM-3500 | 3500G
+ Phantom DVM-8300 & 8400
+ Phantom DVM-8500 | 8500G
+ Pharos EZ-Road PEZ120
+ Pharos Drive GPS 140
+ Pharos Drive GPS 150
+ Pharos Drive GPS 200
+ Pharos Drive GPS 250
+ PEIYING PY-GPS4301 (menu)
+ Pentagram Nomad P 5210
+ Pentagram Nomad GT 5220
+ Pioneer PM-910
+ Pioneer PM-912
+ Pioneer PM-913
+ Pioneer PM-927
+ Pioneer 929
+ Pioneer PM-977
+ Pioneer PM-978
+ Pioneer MP-2035 BB
+ Pioneer MP-2038 BB
+ Pioneer MP-2039 BB
+ Pioneer 4350a
+ Pioneer AVIC F500BT / F700BT / F750BT / F760BT / F770BT / F900BT
+ Pioneer AVIC-8DVD (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pioneer AVIC-800DVD (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pioneer AVIC-9DVD (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-s1
+ Pionieer AVIC-s2
+ Pionieer AVIC-X1 (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-X1R (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-X1BT (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-D3 (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-X3 (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ PNi 350
+ Pocket Navigator MW-350
+ Pocket Navigator MW-430
+ Pocket Navigator PN-4300
+ Pocket Navigator PN-7020
+ Pocket Navigator PN-7050
+ Powerman PM-N430
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 100
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 135
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 150
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 350
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 450 BT (Voxtel Carrera X433, MSI MS5651, AIGO A5301, MyRoad 4308 TMC)
+ Prology IMAP 3100
+ Prology MDB-20
+ RAMAR 5026
+ RealAegis Armor 1000 Series
+ RealAegis Period 100 Series
+ Road Angel Navigator 6000
+ Roadmax vmax483 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax 583 (А1130, Visicom A1130)
+ GPS Devices win CES 2007 Awards (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax351 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax361 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmaxNV1 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax501 (Navmax)
+ Route 66 mini (menu)
+ SAILOR SA-9007
+ SHTURMANN Mini 100
+ Shturmann Link 300 & Shturmann Link 300 Pro
+ Shturmann A200 & SHTURMANN Play 200
+ Sigma ST10
+ Sigma ST20
+ Silvercrest M4310T
+ SmartGPS (Smart GPS) 610, 620, 625 (menu)
+ SmartGPS (Smart GPS) 310, 320 (menu)
+ Starway 4.3" & Starway 47 & Starway 50 & Starway 50A
+ Strato PJ63517
+ Stromberg Carlson GPS-4301
+ Supportplus SP-GPS22A
+ Supratech ACTEA
+ Sony KW4315
+ Sony u93tc, u92t, u83, u73t, u53, u51a
+ Symorp S35-A100
+ Symorp GP43BL
+ Targa PNA-E3530
+ Thinknavi UZ
+ TomTom (TomTom ONE, TomTom XL, TomTom GO 730, TomTom GO 930)
+ TELE System TS8.1PND
+ TELE System TS8.2BT / TELE System TS8.2PND
+ TELE System TS8.3PND
+ TELE System TS8.4PND
+ TELE System TS8800PND
+ TELE System TS8500PND
+ TELE System TS8600PND
+ Tenex 50s
+ TEVION p-310
+ teXet TN-500
+ teXet TN-505
+ teXet TN-510
+ teXet TN-555
+ teXet TN-600
+ ThinkNavi T7
+ Tibo A1000
+ Tibo A1550i
+ Tibo A1700
+ Tibo XRoad A4050
+ Tibo XRoad V4100
+ Tibo XRoad V4150
+ Tibo S1000
+ Tibo S1200
+ Tibo XRoad V4150
+ TN GoWay GPS 866
+ TN GoWay GPS 869
+ TRAK gps210
+ TRAK gps425 (menu)
+ Tracer Navigator TRN-1 = Keomo, model KM_RG_PND
+ Transonic PNA-4000 (MD 95330)
+ Transonic 5000t
+ Transonic 6000t
+ Transonic 7000t
+ Thomson Intuiva 420 ( LG ) / Thomson GPS420EE
+ TravelMate su/as 762035
+ Treelogic TL-3501
+ Treelogic TL-4301B
+ Treelogic TL-5001B
+ Typhoon
+ Typhoon MyGuide Pocket Star
+ Typhoon MyGuide 2500 GO
+ Typhoon MyGuide 3000
+ Typhoon MyGuide 3210 GO
+ Typhoon MyGuide 3500 GO
+ Typhoon MyGuide 3610 GO
+ Typhoon MyGuide 4320 GO
+ Typhoon SilverGuide 5000
+ Valor Wave G355
+ Valor Wave G353
+ Valor Wave G431
+ Valor Wave G432
+ Valor Wave G435
+ Valor Wave 5" G512
+ Valor Wave 5" G513
+ Valor Wave 5" G515
+ Valor Wave 5" G516
+ Valor Wave G701
+ Valor Wave G702
+ Vdo Dayton MS 2000 NT
+ Vdo Dayton MS 2000 ND
+ Vdo Dayton PN 1000
+ Vdo Dayton PN 4000 6000
+ Vdo Dayton 2050
+ ViaMichelin Navigation VM X-930, X-950, X-960, X-970, X-980
+ Visicom N431
+ Verdi GPS 011
+ WayteQ N300
+ WayteQ N310
+ WayteQ N330
+ WayteQ N350
+ WayteQ N360
+ WayteQ N410
+ WayteQ N470
+ WayteQ N500
+ WayteQ N510
+ WayteQ X610
+ WayteQ X620
+ WayteQ N700H
+ WayteQ N710
+ WayteQ N720
+ WayteQ N750B
+ WayteQ N770 / N770BT
+ WayteQ N800
+ WayteQ X810
+ WayteQ X820
+ WayteQ N850
+ WayteQ X920
+ xDEVICE microMAP-Interlagos DeLuxe
+ xDevice microMAP SilverStone
+ xDevice microMAP-Monza Deluxe
+ xDevice microMAP-imOla DeLuxe
+ xDevice ImolaHD
+ xDevice microMAP- GT
+ xDevice microMAP-4350
+ xDevice microMAP-6027
+ X-SITE XSN-352s
+ Yakumo EazyGo XSC / Yakumo EazyGo
+ YOTOO A328
+ YF Starway 4.3 (32C-5)
+ YT001
+ Мирком М500
+ All China Navigators (GPS - N5300, GPS - N5200, GPS - N5003, GPS - N5002, GPS - N5001, GPS - N5000, GPS - L511, GPS - L510, GPS - L509, GPS - L508, GPS L505 (Extreme Thin), GPS S505 (Extreme Thin) - Hot Selling, Car GPS Navigator (GPS-S507), Car GPS Navigator (GPS-L507), Car GPS Navigator (GPS-L506), Car GPS Navigator (GPS-S506), GPS L503 (Extreme Thin), GPS S502 (Extreme Thin), GPS L502 (Extreme Thin), GPS L501 (Extreme Thin), GPS (NPC-696), GPS (N683), GPS (NPC682), GPS (NPC699), GPS L504 (Extreme Thin), GPS S503 (Extreme Thin), GPS (NPC809), GPS (NPC684), GPS (N619), GPS (NPC330), GPS (N339), GPS (NPC326), GPS358 (358), GPS N329)

Производители GPS навигаторов, которые мы разблокируем
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